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Hair Coloring
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Transform Your Look

Hair Color Services at Blackbird Studio in Baton Rouge

At Blackbird Studio, we pride ourselves on our hair coloring skills. We use our expertise in technique and style to achieve the exact hue as the one you fell in love with online. Whether you’re looking to get back to your roots with your natural color or want a hair transformation with a bright tone, we’re here to consult with you on what’s best for your hair. Through our consultation before the appointment, we learn what your ultimate hair goals are and achieve them.


Blackbird Studio Hair Color Services Include:

  • Single Process Color $70
  • Color Correction $90/hour
  • Additional Color $30/bowl
  • Fashion Colors $275+
  • Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment $65
  • Full Foil Highlight $100+
  • Partial Foil Highlight $85+
  • Accent Foil $7/foil
  • Balayage $160+

A one-time $50 non-refundable deposit required for new guests. The deposit will be applied to total appointment costs at the time of service.

All hair color services include Olaplex treatment

We’re Experts at Hair Color Correction

Our stylists at Blackbird Studio know what they’re doing when it comes to hair color correction. We understand the frustration you feel when you need corrections to fix a hair coloring fiasco or when you just want to go back to your natural color. We have the experience and knowledge to restore your locks to their former glory. After a short consultation with us, we can get to work on a treatment plan that will restore your hair’s desired hair color, health, and shine.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a bond building treatment added to color or used as a stand-alone treatment to rebuild the bonds of the hair. This treatment ensures the hair stays healthy and shiny no matter what process it goes through. This treatment keeps your hair smooth and healthy after going through our hair coloring process. Olaplex also repairs any damaged hair bonds. At Blackbird Studio, we want you to not only have a look you want, but also the healthy, shiny hair to match.

Schedule a Hair Coloring Consultation at Blackbird Studio in Baton Rouge

Ready to embrace your authentic self through hair color? We’re located in Baton Rouge. Call or text Blackbird Studio at 225-288-7795 to book a consultation.