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Get a Fresh Look with Balayage Highlights from Blackbird Studio in Baton Rouge

Our stylists at Blackbird Studio in Baton Rouge will give you balayage highlights for a natural, luminous elegance. Balayage is a unique coloring technique we’ve mastered that creates sweeping highlights for an effortless look. Starting at $160, our stylists at Blackbird Studio can help you achieve a balayage that is perfect for that cool fall weather or those sunny summer days.


The Balayage Experts at Blackbird Studio in Baton Rouge

Whether you want a partial balayage or a full balayage, our stylists got it covered. Our stylists at Blackbird Studio stay up-to-date on the latest coloring techniques in the hair and beauty industry. Balayage uses a unique technique that has become a popular style in the last several years. That’s why we’ve taken the time to master this style of hair color at our studio.

Our Balayage Highlighting Process

We start with a consultation to find out exactly what your hair goals are and to discuss the style of balayage highlights you want. Feel free to bring in pictures for inspiration during our consultation. At Blackbird Studio, we value our one-on-one meetings with guests because it makes sure you have a smooth hair coloring experience.

Once we have set our game plan, our stylists work hard to color your balayage highlights. When you walk out of our salon, you’ll be ready to take on anything with your new natural-looking lightened locks!

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Contact Blackbird Studio for Balayage Highlights in Baton Rouge

Call or text Blackbird Studio at 225-288-7795 to schedule your next balayage highlighting consultation and appointment. We look forward to seeing you and getting the bright balayage highlights you desire.